Yeelight Hao Stone Induction Ceiling Light Mini Release: People Come On

- Jul 18, 2018-

Yeelight, an eco chain enterprise, focuses on home lighting, and has produced many kinds of lighting products, such as ceiling lamps, bedside lamps, eye protection desk lamps and intelligent atmosphere lamps.

Recently, they also brought a Yeelight Hau stone induction ceiling lamp mini, built in dual sensors, so that people come to light, people go out the lights, the price is 99 yuan.

This diameter is only 25cm, which is mainly used for lighting the hallway or balcony in the home, eliminating the trouble of each switch, and no longer blackened the lights. It is equipped with a photosensitive and human body infrared dual sensor. It does not need manual switch. It can be opened under dark light. It can feel the movement of human body and automatically light up. 60 seconds later, if there is no body movement, the lights will go out automatically.

Summer balcony is easy to attract mosquitoes. Yeelight ceiling lamp Mini adopts unique mosquito proof design without fear of mosquitoes.