Yeelight Intelligent Light Source Set For Millet Products Online: Dozens Of Lamps Controlled Together

- Dec 17, 2018-

On Dec. 11, millet was put on line with Yeelight Intelligent Light Source Set. It contains four kinds of light bulbs: Intelligent Tube Lamp, Intelligent Ball Bulb, Intelligent Candle Bulb and Intelligent Spotlight. Six sets of light bulbs are available.——LED Christmas light

"Automatic device discovery, rapid batch connection". Yeelight Intelligent Light Source Set uses a new Bluetooth Mesh technology to support mobile app and intelligent voice batch connection. Just say to Yeelight voice assistant or Xiaomi Xiaoai Intelligent Alarm Clock, "Xiaoai classmate, discover equipment", you can automatically discover the products in Yeelight Intelligent Light Source Set, and achieve rapid batch connection.——LED Christmas light

According to the official website, Yeelight Intelligent Light Source Set needs to be used with gateway, which assists Bluetooth Mesh devices to access the network, in order to achieve convenient intelligent control. At present, Yeelight voice assistant and millet love alarm clock can be used as gateway. In the future, more common smart devices will be used as gateways.——LED Christmas light

At the same time, Yeelight voice assistant, Millet AI speaker, Mijia smart App and other intelligent interactive ways can be used to control the switch of light source, "one sentence controls the light of every space in the home", and support free grouping, dozens of lights at the same time control. In addition, each light bulb has the functions of delayed light-off and regular light-off.——LED Christmas light

The brightness and color temperature of the lamp can be adjusted. It supports 2100k-6500k color temperature adjustment. White light with color temperature of 5000K can be used in the working area and yellow light with color temperature of 3000K can be used in the leisure area. Four types of bulbs are suitable for different places in the house, and standby power consumption is about 0.5w, energy saving and power saving.——LED Christmas light

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