Yu Xian: 2018 Light Sub Show - Intelligent Lighting

- Jul 16, 2018-

Twenty-third special invited depth observer

General manager, sun run (International) Lighting Design Consultants Ltd.

The annual industry feast ended in Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition in 2018. This year's Guangya Exhibition is from the participating enterprises or related industry activities held in the same period. Everyone is talking about a word - intelligent lighting.——LED intelligent lighting

Intelligent lighting has not been proposed since this year, but why is today's Guangya Exhibition so hot? With the improvement of people's quality of life and the progress of industry technology. Intelligent lighting is constantly developing and improving from remote control to speech, and step by step into people's lives. So I personally think that only the majority of people begin to accept it, so that the industry can become popular.——LED intelligent lighting

From the exhibitors of Guangya Exhibition, we can see that a large proportion of exhibitors are enterprises related to intelligent lighting. From LED power to intelligent control system to intelligent street lamp control and so on.——LED intelligent lighting

As a professional lighting designer, this exhibition has many feelings for me. Next, I will talk about my ideas from two main themes, and I hope other professionals can take some other aspects into consideration.

(1) the largest subject of intelligent lighting: intelligent control

The biggest feature of intelligent control system is: scene control, there are multiple lighting circuits in the same indoor space. By adjusting the brightness of each loop through intelligent control system, a certain light atmosphere is called as a scene. Different scenes can be set up in advance, the light in and out time of the scene is switched off, the light is changed softly, and the clock controller is used to make the light appear according to the daily sunset or the regular change of the time. Using various sensors and remote control to achieve automatic control of lighting.——LED intelligent lighting

In addition, the luminance sensor is used to automatically adjust the intensity of the lamp to achieve the purpose of energy saving. As a designer, it is more necessary to know that lighting control system can achieve constant indoor light. For example, in the school cafeteria, the light intensity of the window and the wall is basically the same. When the outdoor light is strong, the system automatically reduces or closes the light of the window, adjusts the brightness of the wall according to the wall's sensor; when the outdoor light is weak, the sensor will adjust the brightness of the lamp to reach the pre set illuminance value according to the signal.——LED intelligent lighting

In addition, the luminous efficiency of new lamps will decrease with the use time, and the reflectivity of the new space will decrease with the use time. In this way, the new and old will produce inconsistency of illumination, and the brightness can be adjusted relatively stable through the control of intelligent dimming system.——LED intelligent lighting

There are also some specific spaces that can increase the space and atmosphere by controlling the color of the lights.

(two) smart home

Smart homes are not just lights. There are many other systems that can be controlled together through intelligent systems. The inductive smart home mainly has the following aspects:

1. good morning: when the lights are on, the electric curtain slowly opens and the sun is used to replace the alarm clock.

2. fitness: custom create "fitness" mode. The floating of the air, the noise of the music, the movement of every motor nerve, the weight and jump of each time, are the innovation of strength.

3. out: before going out, press "leave home" mode. A key to turn off the indoor air conditioning, lighting and other equipment, and open the home monitoring equipment, no need to worry about changing circumstances.

4. home theater: Custom "cinema" mode. Theater level lighting effect echoes with Hi-Fi, enjoying private light and shadow.

5. dinner: open the fresh air system on the way home, and turn the dinner lights to "dining" mode.

6. reading: put aside the confusion in the daytime, and "read" mode, find new inspiration in the book.

7. entertainment parents: press the "entertainment" scene, temperature and humidity automatic induction, air conditioning and new wind automatically open, indoor sounded children's favorite children's songs, accompany and play is the best time of growth.

8. good evening: turn the light to "good night" mode. The panel installed on the bedside allows you to adjust the air-conditioning and lighting at any time. At night, automatic induction of man machine distance, close to the LED backlit lights, to provide you with the guardian of the night.

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