Zhaoguan Lighting: The Future Of The Ball Bubble Is Smarter And Healthier, And Success Comes From Focus

- Oct 30, 2018-

In recent years, with the continuous development of the LED industry, the competition has become increasingly fierce. Various enterprises have chosen different development paths, or cross-border development, or deep subdivision, or extension of the industrial chain..

Among them, there is such a company, which has been doing only one thing for 31 years since its establishment: focusing on LED ball bubbles.

It is known as "LED bubble expert", Shanghai zhaoguan lighting industry co., LTD (WELLMAX).

♦ Shanghai zhao guan lighting attract the attention of global customers

In the era of rapid development of intelligent lighting, how will the LED bubble develop in the future?

In the competitive market, zhaoguan lighting by what has achieved a steady development?

Facing the general market lighting approaching saturation, from which direction does zhaoguan lighting make a breakthrough?

With these questions in mind, LEDinside editor was lucky enough to interview Mr. Zhou xiaochuan, vice President of Shanghai zhaoguan lighting (WELLMAX) and director of China lighting society, during the Hong Kong autumn light fair 2018, and asked him to share his views on the industry and the secrets of WELLMAX's success.

♦ zhao guan lighting, vice President and director of China lighting academy thorough

The exhibition mainly promotes the iDREAM series. In the future, LED ball bubbles will be more intelligent and healthy

In the Hong Kong autumn light fair, WELLMAX focuses on the iDREAM series.

This series of products can change light and color at the same time, which can make the light intensity accepted by human eyes under different color temperatures more adapt to the changes of human physiological rhythm, and its humanized design can make people sleep better.

At the same time, iDREAM products do not use remote control, mobile APP or other tools to achieve intelligence. They only need ordinary switches, and the operation is extremely simple.

Sleep has become a big problem because of the increasing pressure of work, said Mr. Zhou.

During the night, exposure to inappropriate light can suppress the release of melatonin, which in turn affects sleep.

Zhaoguan lighting launched the iDREAM series bulb, which mainly helps to solve the contradiction between people's working and studying and sleep with the light, and improves people's sleep to a certain extent.

He said that the iDREAM series products were presented at the exhibition and received good response.

Customers see new products and new functions of zhaoguan lighting and gain new feelings.

At the same time, customers are also more convinced of the ability of zhaoguan lighting products innovation, more and more customers will prefer to use zhaoguan lighting products.

For the future development direction of LED bubble, he said, two elements are indispensable, one is intelligence, the other is health.

Intelligence is the means, health is the end.

Future lighting is more related to people's physical and mental health.

Therefore, zhaoguan lighting has spent a lot of time and energy on research and innovation in this aspect, bringing more happiness to people's life and more help to people's health.

Competition is fierce, with products and services to open the market

Mr. Zhou explained that zhaoguan lighting has a history of more than 30 years since its establishment.

In more than 30 years, accumulated a large number of customer resources, products to almost all global markets.

Every market has done very characteristic, do very steady.

This year, zhaoguan lighting is growing rapidly in Asia Pacific and Africa.

In the future, more efforts will be made to sell products such as IDREAM series in Europe to meet the needs of European customers.

As we all know, the market competition is undoubtedly brutal, and the competition pressure of LED bulb lamp is also great.

However, Mr. Zhou showed full confidence in the LED bulb lamp market.

In his opinion, although the bulb lamp is under great competitive pressure at present, the lighting is always in demand and the bulb's application range is the widest.

Second, good products, good quality, good price;

Third, good service;

Fourth, good brands.

Therefore, zhaoguan lighting through these four aspects of efforts in the market competition in a firm footing.

The success of the company depends on the talent team

"Tall buildings rise from the ground."

Zhaoguan lighting achieved today's results, is inseparable from the hard work and quiet dedication of the staff, is inseparable from the contribution of talent.

Mr. Zhou said that with the continuous development of the company's business and the gradual increase of business volume, more and more professional talents are needed for all aspects of work.

Zhaoguan lighting attaches great importance to the construction of talent team and strengthens the construction of talent team from three aspects.

First, zhaoguan lighting has good cooperative relations with many research institutes, trade unions and associations, and can recruit better talents.

Second, Shanghai is a place where high-end enterprises are concentrated, and zhaoguan lighting is also actively recruiting high-end talents for the industry for the society.

Third, the cultivation and training of existing talents and the cultivation and improvement of working skills in practice.

"It's professional because it's focused."

This sentence is the most important reason for Mr. Zhou to evaluate the success of zhaoguan lighting.

He said zhaoguan lighting is a very pragmatic company, doing very steady, steady.

Taking LED ball bubble as a target of the main attack reflects a spirit of concentration.

On the other hand, in the field of LED ball gun, zhaoguan lighting makes the technology to perfection, the innovation to perfection, the service to perfection, and the supply system to perfection.

At the same time, he believes that the success of zhaoguan is also inseparable from the dedication of the company's team, meticulous and professional division of labor.

Finally, in the industry, zhaoguan lighting has a lot of accumulation, including technology precipitation, quality management precipitation, product innovation precipitation, customer resources precipitation.

These elements combine together to create today's zhaoguan lighting.