180W Tunnel Light Die Casting Aluminum Spray Flood Light

The flood light is used by tunnels.Of course,if you need,it also could be used as normal flood lights. This light uses the spray technology.It looks brighter, feels smoother.It cuts off the metal inside and has high corrosion resistance and security. It uses a linear light source and has less luminous attenuation.At the same time,it's flicker-free.People don't have accidents in tunnels because of flicker problems.

Product Details

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Products Details:( 180W Tunnel Light Die Casting Aluminum Spray Flood Light )

1.droop small: if in the case of cooling condition is good, the LED before 10000 h to droop, 10000 h before the droop of 3% 10%, the first 50000 h basic was 30%, far below the ordinary road lighting light source, light emitting more stable.

2.color rendering is high: the average LED color is about 7 0 ~ 8 0, which is higher if the color phosphor is used.

Generally high pressure sodium lamp is 2 0 to 35, low pressure sodium lamp is lower, so even if the traditional light source brightness higher than that of the LED, but visual effect is worse than LED, "not the brightest, but the most clear" it should be a direction of the development of the application of LED light source.

3.life span: LED life is higher than general road tunnel lighting source, and is now generally higher than 50000H.

4.price: LED lamp holder while current prices higher than traditional lighting lamps and lanterns, but with the maturity of manufacturing technology, is a dramatic drop in the price of the current high and low voltage sodium lamp a set of the price is in 2000 yuan or so commonly, and auxiliary parts such as the cable price is higher than that of the LED cable charges.

In addition, LED has the advantages of high maintenance coefficient, good safety performance, no stroboscope and energy saving and environmental protection.

Item No.XH-LED-SDD-180
Luminous flux18000lm
Lamp efficiency100lm/w
Color rendering indexRa>80
Beam angle120° 
MaterialDie-casting Aluminum + Toughened Glass
Rated life≥50000h
Color temperature3000K-7000K all available
Working temperature-25~+60°C
Input wattageAC85-260V
IP codeIP65
Warranty3 years
Payment termsBy T.T, Western Union, L/C, etc



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