4W LED Flame Bulb

4W LED Flame Bulb

LED flame light adopts three-block control mode, the lamps can be always on, slow flash and flame effect, suitable for festivals and parties, can create a good atmosphere. At the same time, the lamp has gravity induction. When the lamp is used downward, the flame effect will be automatically adjusted to ensure the authenticity of the flame.

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Product Details: 4W LED Flame Bulb )

1. The power consumption of LED flame lamp is low, and the electricity cost is greatly reduced, which is 70 to 80% less than that of incandescent lamp.

2. 1W high-power LED as the light source, the lamp holder adopts E27 interface.

4. Safety, low working temperature. (LED running temperature below 62 ℃)

5. Energy saving and environmental protection, no harmful substances, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

6. Shockproof and easy to transport.

You can choose different light according to customer's requirement, such as warm white/white/cold white/blue light/red light, etc., also can choose different hair angles such as 120 /140 /90 /60.

7. Replacement of incandescent and energy-saving lamps.

Light loss per 1000 hours is 3-5%.

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LED flame lights are generally used for general lighting, especially hotels, bars, restaurants, museums, art galleries, stadiums, airports, office buildings and factories.


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