The Professional LED Production Equipment

Dalian Xinghai Technology Co., Ltd. has our own professional LED production equipments. The company’s R&D equipments include: integrating sphere, high voltage tester, intermittently lit aging, a salt spray test box, hot and cold shock boxes and so on; the production equipments include: automatic brush cream machines, automatic placement machine, reflow furnace and the like.

● Testing equipment of lamps

  1. Our company has the advanced lighting testing equipment: integrating sphere, for detecting the parameter of lamp whether to meet the customers’ needs which include luminous flu, color temperature, color rendering index etc.


2.High voltage tester、Hot and cold shock boxes、Microscope、Distance measuring instrument、Temperature probe

①To detect  the lamps ability of resistance to high pressure②Through frequent startup and shutdown to detect electric parts of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of life and quality③Materials used in the detection of surface quality④In addition the company is equipped with all kinds of distance measuring instrument used to measure the size of raw material, these instruments are passed ISO9001 quality detection.⑤Used to measure the surface temperature of lamps and lanterns.

● Production Quality

Product quality follows the customers’ requirements strictly, and production process of lamps and safety. We adhere to the principles from raw material selection to the choice of the processing technology in order to reduce customer’s input and the cost of processing time, besides that it can provide quality services for our customers from the time and cost, and quality.

● Workshop

SMT nitrogen reflow solderingSMT printer

SMT high placement equipmentR&D lab

R&D  laboratory equipmentAging equipment

● Corner of Workshop

● Aging and Display

Aging testLift test

LED lights display boardLED light display